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Make complex simple, quickly identify key points as people have low attention spans as life is so hectic, the path of least resistance.  

Step One MInD Map

Think of ESC on your keyboard.

Empower the people, Shake the system, Cease the cycle (ESC).





Learn to learn, ESC


Remember the gambler man song.

R & D

Look, Listen and Think before crossing a road, want to avoid traffic, build a bridge, tunnel under the road, or wait until there is no vehicles, some solutions cost money and effort, others just need patience. Development, look around and be patient, a good idea will come.

Computer Chips

When young you will bear with the slow ones to get by, but when you get older, patients and a better financial position may help you streamline things via quicker technology, so keep up with it, you snooze you loose. 

Machine Learning

Everything that goes into a machine comes from a human brain, AI can be wrong and if the power is out, so is AI, never stop learning always have a backup.

Process Automation

Learn to learn step by step, have patience and you will find the quickest way via the slowest way, never forget pattern and history.


Research & Development


Years of sociology, health and public safety experience.


Years of study and keeping up with research with Phd


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Level 8, 90 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000